Developing oral language through nursery rhymes

At Treetop, our Speech and Language therapists understand the importance of singing as a strategy to facilitate language development. Becca Ross, s Kindergarten & First Grade Teacher, wrote the following in the blog Leapfrog:

“(…) Creating mental images, based on stories they hear, can be challenging for kids but can strengthen listening comprehension. Television tends to make mental images for us. Kids can sit down for thirty minutes, be entertained with a great story, and see the visual right there on the screen. When they are singing a Nursery Rhyme, for example, there may not be a visual for them to look at. Asking kids what is happening in the rhyme, having them close their eyes and make a picture of it, or pretending to make a movie in their mind will strengthen their listening comprehension.(…)”


You can read the full text here.

Treetop Speech and Language therapy, Singapore.