Resources: 6 Following Directions Games for Kids

  • 1st March 2015

Our Speech and Language therapists at Treetop are always searching for fun games that parents can use at home to target a range of language areas. This website shows 6 fun games that target children’s ability to follow directions.   Treetop Speech and Language therapy, Singapore.

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Learning Corner: Echolalial Scripting and Social Scripting

  • 18th February 2015

Our Speech and Language therapists at Treetop are often asked about what to do in relation to echolalia. The following video explains the difference between two common behaviours and offers some insight into how/ what they contribute to children’s communication. Treetop Speech and Language therapy, Singapore.

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Article: Young Children’s Oral Language Development

  • 1st February 2015

Speech and Language Therapists in Singapore are often asked how to facilitate children’s development of oral language. The following article provides wonderful advice on how to further develop little one’s oral language in a positive and nurturing manner. (…) Understand that every child’s language or dialect is worthy of respect…

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Article: The next steps in listening!

  • 25th January 2015

Speech and Language therapists in Singapore are often asked to provide tips on how to improve children’s listening skills. The following article, written by Amanda Baxter, an I CAN Communication Advisor, provides some top tips. (…) Top tips for developing a child’s listening skills Make sure you speak to your…

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Learning Corner: Incorporating Language Into Early Math Instruction

  • 18th January 2015

A very interesting take on language and maths from here. (…) Results – Example Participant Quotes “Students are excited about building their vocabulary! They love demonstrating new concepts and what they have learned…” “This child comes from a home where English is never spoken and yet he spent over half…

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