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To help us advise you on the best course of action for your child, please, provide us with the following information 

Attention & Listening skills, e.g. responds to environmental sounds, focuses on tasks, listens to instructions, etc.

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Receptive skills (understanding), e.g. recognizes familiar vocabulary, follows a range of instructions, etc.

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Expressive skills (talking), e.g. uses a range of words to communicate different needs, joins words into sentences, etc.

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Speech skills (phonology and articulation of sounds), e.g. can discriminate and accurately use a range of speech sounds, uses speech sounds that are intelligible to others, etc.

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Fluency, e.g. smoothly joins sounds, syllables, words and phrases are together.

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Social communication & interaction skills, e.g. takes turns during play, understands body language, understands and participates in a range of social situations, etc

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