Research demonstrates benefits of word repetition to infants

At Treetop, our Speech and Language therapists emphasise the importance of repetition as a strategy to facilitate language development. A study by Newman, Rowe & Ratner (2015), has reiterated the importance of repetition in language development:

“(…)”Parents who repeat words more often to their infants have  with better  skills a year and a half later,” said co-author Rochelle Newman, professor and chair of UMD’s Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences (HESP). “A lot of recent focus has been on simply talking more to your child—but how you talk to your child matters. It isn’t just about the number of words.”(…)”.

Amy, from The Thoughtful Parent blog, write the following:

“(…) From this new research on repetition, we can see that it’s not just the number of words, but also their repetitiveness that may make a difference in language development. We are continuing to see how language is really a gateway skill to many aspects of development. Language is one of the skills that makes us uniquely human, it connects us to each other, to knowledge, and to the world around us. So in talking to our youngest children, we are not only establishing a crucial bond with them, we really are setting the stage for much of their future development.”



You can read the full text here.

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