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Speech & Language Therapy Services

We offer a range of speech & language solutions from therapy and training to programs and classes!

Paediatric Speech from team of highly qualified speech therapists, Treetop Speech and Language Centre, Singapore

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Let our team of experienced speech pathologists recommend the right course of therapy for your child and for you.

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Toddler time speech therapy

Learn more about the various types of speech therapy services that we provide, and how we can help you. Start your Treetop therapy with a free 15 minute telephone consultation, where our team of friendly speech therapists will help to assess your individual needs.  Then together we can agree on the best course of action and intervention.

Speech &

Assessment and intervention can be offered in clinic at home or remotely via teletherapy.
Children can attend hourly individual sessions that include direct intervention and feedback to their parents/ carers.

School visits are also available.


Designed for parents of children aged 5 and under who have been identified as having a language delay. Discuss experiences and tips with other parents.
Learn how to implement strategies on early language intervention at home and how adapt daily routines and play time.

Enrichment Programs

Whether it’s helping with language enrichment for bilingual speakers or offering a toddler time program to facilitate language development in light of recent lack of socialising, we aim to bring you language enrichment programs that tackle current issues for your child’s language development.