Speech Therapy Pricing

Speech and Language Therapy Menu and Pricing

Assessment and intervention can be offered in clinic, at home or remotely via teletherapy. 

Children attend hourly individual sessions that include direct intervention with feedback to their parents/ carers.  School visits are available with feedback to teachers.

Charges ( From 1st October 2022)

Individual speech therapy session: Clinic/Teletherapy $200 / hour (60 minutes)
Individual speech therapy session at the Clinic/Teletherapy $150 / hour (45 minutes)
Individual session at school (school provision)/Teletherapy       $100/$130 / hour (30/40 minutes)
Assessment (including report)* $300/$450 **
Articulation assessment only (all ages)*** $280
Report on request $200
Home visits $220 (Excludes travel expenses)

School visits

$220 (Excludes travel expenses)

*     Regardless of the number of sessions needed to complete assessment
**   0-3,5 year olds $350 & 3,6 years old and above $480
*** In the event that the Speech and Language Therapist decides that a full language assessment is required, parents will be informed prior to this taking place and, if agreed, the above costs will app

Transport Fees: $20 flat fee for locations 15km within the radius of the clinic. $30 flat fee for locations beyond 15km.

We have a “giving” initiative”, where 5% of every session fee will be donated to a cause close to our and your hearts.

Please feel free to let us know about any causes you support for us to consider. Please follow our facebook group for updates.


Speech Therapy services for children and adults

Speech Language Pathology Services in Schools

Treetop understands the importance of working with educational professionals to facilitate the generalization of skills. In order to achieve this, it is of utmost importance to utilize the functional and meaningful settings that are provided by schools. 

Research has consistently shown that the liaison between health and educational professionals facilitates and/or further improves the development of language skills and the access to the curriculum.

Treetop can offer a range of tailor made services provided in school or remotely via teletherapy, including:

  • Direct individual intervention to children with identified additional          needs
  • Direct group intervention targeting a wide variety of areas: general        language and vocab acquisition, and social/confidence skills
  • Whole class teaching (including direct support to teachers)

For more information please contact the Treetop Speech and Language Therapy team