Strategies On The Go: A Conversation After School

At Treetop, our Speech and Language therapists are often asked for strategies to facilitate a conversation that starts with the common question “What did you do today at school?”. Sarah Moudry, from the Montessori Blog, provides some practical ideas that may help children share more information about their day, for example:

“(…) On your way home, you wait patiently, offering your child time to open up if he chooses.  If he too remains silent, possibly contemplating the day, you can offer a description of your day. “I was working in my office today.  I organized some papers and called a client.”  Pause.  Your child may have a question for you.  Or, he may share something about his day.  Continue to refrain from questions.  You may want to offer another sentence like, “I enjoyed the salad I packed for my lunch.” (…)” .


You can read the full text here.


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