Top tips for speech therapy at home

Top tips for speech therapy at home

Speech Therapy at home in Singapore.
How can you help your child's speech therapy at home?

Speech Therapy at home: Parents can be the most amazing communication partners to their children and progress in Speech and Language therapy owes a lot to the continuous support at home. The following are some general guidelines that are helpful:

a) The right approach:

In the first stages the Speech and Language therapist will discuss with you what is the most recommended approach to use.

b) Practice:

Follow up with what is happening during the sessions. It is important to support repetition and carry over of skills. You can discuss this with your therapist to determine when and how you can support with practice at home.

c) Celebrate and focus on what your child can do:

Celebrate the little steps and support them during the tricky bits! They are the foundations for bigger speech and language leaps in their development. Your child is working harder than anyone at communicating and it’s important to let them know how incredible they are.

d) Use resources that you have at home already:

Looking at/ reading books, pretend play with their toys, obstacle course with furniture and toys, helping to tidy up and cook. Anything can be turned into a potential rich communication experience. Be sure to make it fun too! 

e) Listen and look:

Take the time to listen more, ask fewer questions, and comment more about what interests them. Try to be more responsive to what your child does and says rather than leading them. They are more likely to be engaged this way.

Take a Look through our blog to find some strategies you can use in everyday activities such as bath time, snack time etc. 

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